Fun cat design bean bags by SweetFeels, do cats like them too?

The fun cat design bean bags by SweetFeels, are they just for humans? Or do cats like them too? Will the large pristine print off a cat disturb actual real cats? Well, these were the questions needing answers to put all of your minds (and mine) to rest. Luckily, we recently got this new family member, Phelicks the cat.

Phelics the Cat - SweetFeels cat
So I bought the TacoCat bean bag. And if Phelicks thought it was scary I would sell it again. But I was hoping he wouldn’t mind because I’ve been wanting a fun bean bag for quite some time now. I got the SweetFeels bean bag out of the box as fast as I could on the day of delivery.

TacoCat Bean Bag by SweetFeels - Day 1 - Right out of the box
This is what it looked like and I was really impressed with the quality of the print and the bean bag. I then placed it in the living room to see if Phelicks would give it any attention.

I was standing in the kitchen later the same day, making supper when I heard some noise from the living room. I looked around the corner and this is what I saw.

Fun bean bag from SweetFeels
And yes, kind of looks like he likes it. As you can imagine this made me happy. I snapped a couple of pictures (with my trusted old iPhone 6, so please don’t judge the picture quality to much) and returned to the kitchen to finish supper. When I returned to the living room I got even happier.

Cat bean bag from SweetFeels
He doesn’t like it, he LOVES IT! So guess what. It turns out it was Phelicks the cat who got a new SweetFeels TacoCat bean bag, not me. I do hope I get to use it from time to time though, coz it is quite comfy. But don’t take my word for it,

Comfy Bean bag from SweetFeels

take it from Phelicks!

If you want a fun cat design bean bag from SweetFeels, you can pick one up here:
Fun Bean Bags with cat design from SweetFeels
And if you’re one of those people who thinks this kind of bean bag is just too much. To much colors, to much fun or even too much cat. You might want to take a look at the bean bags over at Fatboy.

I have had the pleasure of using their bean bags a number of times and can attest that they make really premium quality bean bags to.